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How to apply for TR TEFL certificate?

  • You can simply log in Teacher Record website and apply for the free TEFL certificate on our website.
    Click here and start the course https://teacherrecord.com/tefl_certificate
  • No time limitation for finishing modules.
  • When you have completed all 13 modules successfully, the certificate will be reviewed by TR teacher. And normally it takes around 10-15 working days. Then you will be able to download the e-version of the certificate directly on our website.

Cannot find the correct answer of test?

Please check if the question is a “Multiple” answer question. If it is a “Multiple” answer question, pls try with different answer combinations. For example, if there are 4 choices for the question, the right answer could be 2,3, or 4 of them. So try with different combinations.
You can also find all the questions’ answers in the Module before you start to do the Module test.

Cannot upload your identity document?

1.Check if your ID document is in the correct format as required
(Correct formats: jpg,png,jpeg; Incorrect formats: pdf,word,mp4 etc.)

2.Check if the name of your file is correct
(Correct names: xxx.jpg or xxx.png or xxx.jpeg; Incorrect format: xxx..jpg or xxx jpg.)

Your passport/ others for TEFL verifying

In case the teacher fills the wrong information or fills in someone else information to get the certificate for the others, so identification is necessary to be approved by our team. Don’t worry, your personal information is protected. All the process is done in the system automatically. Even the staff in the teacher record, don’t have the authority to download your documents.

If you don’t have a passport, you can provide anything else like driver license, student card, or something else, basically including your name.

How to download my certificate?

⒈ After your certificate is approved, you can directly log in to your account on Teacher Record and download it there. If you cannot find the “Download” icon as the below picture shows, please check if you uploaded your ID Document or if your uploaded document is approved or not.
⒉ Then click “Download-View Jobs&Download”
⒊ Check your download history to find the certificate in pdf version
⒋ If you still don’t find it, you can try again on the computer

My certificate is still under review.

Normally it takes 10 to 15 days to review. Please wait patiently. Once it is approved, you’ll receive email as well.

How to order hard copy and check tracking number?

Status: After your TEFL certificate is reviewed and approved by TR team, you are able to order the hard copy from the below page.

Step 1

Step 2

1) Fill in all the “Recipient information” correctly

2) Choose “Address outside China” or “Address in China” according to your preference
3) Make the payment to the correct account and correct amount shows in the below page.

4)Upload the “Payment Receipt”

Step 3:Under Review

Step 4: Approved and delivered. You can check your tracking number from below page.

My TEFL certificate is failed

It is regrettable that you have failed the TEFL certificate due to “Plagiarism”. The Antiplagiarism system does all the work automatically. You might encounter one or two of the” Plagiarism” behavior as below.

As the staff in the company, we have no authority to check the exact reasons for your Plagiarism. We only see your TEFL certificate status is failed.

If you want to appeal for your certificate, pls submit your appealing information from this link by GOOGLE chrome browser better with the computer. https://forms.gle/kWnsVcKQEqpQDU6x5

Only after your appealing is succeeded then you can try to retake the exam.

Can I apply for a job if I haven’t finished my TEFL certificate?

As a job board, we suggest that you can give it a try. Because you can negotiate with the school to provide a TEFL certificate after getting the offer.

Fee for TEFL certificate.

The e-version certificate is free. You can directly download the e-certificate after you finished all the tests. But if the teacher wants the paper version, there are delivery costs and printing costs need to be paid. If you are not in China now, you need to pay $70 for the cost of your hard-copy certificate and the international postage.If you are in China now, you need to pay 150RMB for the printing cost of your hard copy certificate and express freight.

How to check the validity of a TEFL Certificate?

Check at this website with your certificate number: https://teacherrecord.com/checking

TEFL notarize/ authenticate.

For any purpose you will use this certificate for,you need to contact your employer or the relevant notarize department directly. We are a course provider and our duty is to provide certificate and course design.

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