How to link your Payoneer with TR Wallet

Reference Registered Teacher Record account:

  1. Click “Withdrawal” button

  1. Click “Login Payoneer&Link Teacher Record”

3.What if your linked Payoneer account is not

but ?

Click “Add email” button to add as the Alternative TR Wallet

payee email

In this case,you will receive payment info via and also the

payment will be sent to Payoneer account

4. How to confirm if your Payoneer is successfully linked with your TeacherRecord Wallet?

Click “Withdrawal”,if you still can see the “Link Your Payoneer Account”Page, then you

haven’t linked your Payoneer with Your Teacher Record Wallet

  1. What if you can’t link your Payoneer with your Teacher Record Wallet
  • If you can’t link them, then your Payoneer must be in “Inactive” Status

  • The main reason for inactive Payoneer account is due to incomplete Payoneer info. So you need complete necessary Payoneer info.

  • Ask Payoneer Customer Service for help.

Payoneer Customer Service

Toll Free US Telephone: 1-800-251-2521

UK: +44-203-608-0610

Australia: +61-28-379-8090

International: 1-646-658-3695

Live Chat:

Web Form:


Maybe you can try make phone call request for your complaint which should help you get instant response

About salary in Payoneer account

  • Firstly, after you withdraw the money on Teacher Record website, the Amount will be received in your Payoneer account after being reviewed by TR. Normally it will be approved after 1 to 2 working days. You can see your status in Teacher Record Wallet is status 2: pending.

  • Secondly, after Teacher Record approved, normally teacher can receive it within several hours or 1 working day. If it still doesn’t show in your Payoneer account, pls check with Payoneer service if there is any other problem. You can see your status in Teacher Record Wallet is status 3: payment completed.

The school uses our payment service to pay the teacher. Once they submit it on the system you will be able to see the balance amount in your “ Wallet & Deposit” on the Teacher Record website. And you can directly withdraw it to your account after link it to Teacher Record from the “ Wallet & Deposit” board. Sot it depends on when they submit. If it is not in your wallet that means they haven’t deposited your salary yet to your teacher record account. Normally they pay once a month for previous months job done. Pls directly check with the school if you have any problem about the payment date and the salary amount.

And Teacher Record does not charge any fee from the teacher. You can check with Payoneer service if they charge any fee after you withdraw the money to your account.

As a job board, we don’t involve any pay and behavior from the company, we simply provide a payment tool for companies like dada etc. We do not take any of percentage from your payment.

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